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The Online Forum
Unique to the curriculum, BioCONECT exploits teenagers’ love of computers, texting and messaging. Via the twin’s online forum, students help the twins work through the scienti!c and psychological issues that arise from a breast cancer diagnosis. By answering the twin’s questions, such as “why does mom need so many tests?” and “what does a gene have to do with cancer?,” students broaden their knowledge of biology, genetics and cancer. The forum is safe, easy to use and can be adapted to any classroom. Teachers can monitor the forum by using student usernames.

Hands-on Technology
Students not only post in the online forum, but they also create virtual presentations on breast cancer diagnostic tools using wiki technology. Wikis are an online directory that can be edited by a group, and o"er a unique way to display and present information. Teachers can monitor the extent of group work by assessing external access to the wiki pages.

"I didn't know anything about cancer before this. All I knew was that it was scary and people usually die. I didn't know why it happened and what cancer patients actually go through. Now that I do know more about cancer, I feel comfortable talking about it."
- Diana, pilot-test student


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