Life's BOLD Initiative

Lessons at a Glance

Lesson 1: Students view Steve and Nikki's website to communicate information about their mom's breast cancer. Students read and answer the first message, "What is cancer?"

Lesson 2: Students apply their knowledge about cellular structure, function and growth to understand the development of cancer at the cellular level.

Lesson 3: Students investigate various breast cancer diagnostic tools by building an online wiki.

Lesson 4: Students look at actual pathology reports to interpret the results and make conclusions.

Lesson 5: Students investigate genetics to help the twins understand what causes cancer.

Lesson 6: Students complete and interpret a pedigree. Then, they role-play a genetic counseling session and compare the risks and limitations of genetic testing. Students write a letter to the Williams family summarizing a genetic counseling session.

Lesson 7: Students perform gel electrophoresis and analyze the results. Students also read and discuss the results of Mr. and Mrs. Williams' genetic tests.

Lesson 8: Students investigate different treatments for breast cancer patients. They interpret pathology reports to draw conclusions about best treatment approaches based on evidence.

Lesson 9: Students read profiles of the Biggest Risk Reducer Players and learn about cancer risk reduction. Students compete in a Physical Challenge to win clues to help develop effective risk reduction strategies to present.



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